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SIMPLE Dam Kit Latex Free Frame, Clamps, Punch, Forceps

Product Code: CW-H02901

Start using Dental Dam without teething troubles The Simple Dam Kit is especially designed to introduce, organize and simplify the process for dentists and staff who want to increase their use of dental dam. The lightweight, portable storage case contains everything required for an easy and quick application of Dental Dam:

•   1 x box of Elasti-Dam, extra elastic powderfree latex dam

•   template and punch to accurately mark and punch the hole for the dental dam clamp

•   4 x color coded Fiesta┬« clamps for front, premolar and molar teeth (#2, #9, #12A, #13A)

•   forceps to securely place the clamp over the tooth

•   1 x plastic frame to mount the dental dam sheet

•   Wedjets Stabilizer Cord, an elastic floss-like material that can be used instead of clamps to fix the dam
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